Dean of Libraries & Learning Commons Presents at Scholarly Communications Institute

Pam Lough, MLS, PhD, presented some of the work of Metadata 2020 at the FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute at UCLA on August 5.  Metadata 2020 is a global collaboration of publishers, data publishers and repositories, platform providers, librarians, funders, and researchers that advocates for richer, connected, reusable, and open metadata for all research outputs, to improve access to scholarly pursuits for the benefit of society.  Lough, a founding member of Metadata 2020, gave an overview of six different interest areas for the collaboration, with more detail on a metadata glossary tool under development by one of the interest groups.  The six interest areas are: 1) Researcher Communications, 2) Metadata Recommendations and Element Mappings, 3) Defining the Terms We Use about Metadata, 4) Incentives for Improving Metadata Quality, 5) Shared Best Practice and Principles, 6) Metadata Evaluation and Guidance. While at the Institute, Lough attended workshops on FAIR research data dissemination, the Dataverse platform for creating data repositories, and data visualization.

Lough is pictured standing, sixth from left