HPU eSports Summer Training Camp Concludes with Special Guest Presentations

The HPU eSports staff organized the University’s inaugural eSports summer training camp at HPU’s eSports Arena at Aloha Tower Marketplace. Twenty-three youths aged 7-15 participated in the July 9-Aug. 2 camp, which included coaching, tournaments, developmental workshops, and the opportunity to learn and compete with eSports athletes.

On the last day of the camp, the attendees participated in two sessions at the arena. First, representatives from the Microsoft store led the campers in a hands-on workshop, teaching them how to code and the students created customized video games. The second session featured HPU alumnus and Alt 105.9 DJ Haz-Matt and his friend Jacob, a Twitch streamer. Among the discussion points, Haz-Matt and Jacob covered different career paths for video gamers, including being a professional gamer or a professional streamer. On choosing a career path as a Twitch streamer, the speakers shared that Twitch viewers enjoy streamers who are interesting, entertaining, and charismatic. In closing, they encouraged the campers saying, "if you love what you do, people will see your passion."     

For more information on eSports at HPU including scholarships and the University’s competitive team and the HPU eSports Arena at Aloha Tower Marketplace, go to: hpu.edu/esports    

Pictured: eSports summer campers along with the camp staff being led by a Microsoft store representative in the hands-on workshop to create a video game