Twenty-three HPU Students Participate in the Kakehashi Tomodachi Inouye Scholars Program

This year, HPU was honored to be one of four US schools selected to be part of the Kakehashi Tomodachi Inouye Scholars program. To honor the legacy of the late Senator Daniel K.Inouye, the Kakehashi Tomodachi Inouye Scholars Program was established under The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

The goals of the KAKEHASHI exchange project are to promote deeper mutual understanding among students of Japan and the United States, to enable future leaders of U.S.-Japan exchanges to form networks and to help young people develop wider perspectives to encourage active roles at the global level in the future.

“The Japanese word “kakehashi” means “bridge,” which symbolizes the hope that participants will form lasting relationships with Japan and its people, and serve as bridges between nations and cultures. Participants who travel to Japan are encouraged to share their experiences and discoveries with their networks at home, and contribute to a greater appreciation of Japanese culture worldwide.”

Of the 23 participants, there are over a dozen majors represented, military veterans, multiple first-time college attendees, and all but two have never been to Japan before.