Environmental Ethics Students Visit Mount Ka‘ala

The State of Hawaii's Division of Forestry and Wildlife gave the students in PHIL 3651, taught by Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Matthew LoPresti, Ph.D., the unique opportunity to visit the Mount Ka'ala Natural Reserve Area, O'ahu's highest peak at 4,025 feet, which protects many rare indigenous and endemic Hawaiian plants and animals. Access to Mount Ka'ala is restricted and only otherwise accessible by a rigorous climb by experienced hikers, but thanks to Emma Yuen of the State's Department of Land and Natural Resources, the Environmental Ethics students were able to safely visit and learn of the unique natural history and ecosystem of this elevated bog at the roof of our island home. Interested students of any major and program can enroll in PHIL 3651 in Spring 2020. 

You can learn more about Mt. Ka'ala, its ecosystem, and conservation efforts of this native Hawaiian forest here: https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/ecosystems/nars/oahu/kaala/