OI Mullet Release at Waikiki Aquarium in Honor of Earth Day

Striped mullet fish donated by Oceanic Institute will be released at Waikiki Aquarium on Saturday, April 20, in honor of Earth Day. By releasing these captive-bred mullets, OI, in partnership with the Waikiki Aquarium helps to restock the local numbers of these prized fish.

Mullet fish donated by OI over two years ago has grown and since been released yearly at the aquarium’s Earth Day festivities. In addition, some of the larger mullets have been donated to Waikalua Loko I`a fish pond.

The aquarium’s annual celebration themed “From Mauka to Makai” aims to promote the importance of preserving Hawai‘i’s environment from the mountains to the ocean. More information about Waikiki Aquarium’s Earth Day celebration can be found here.