Campus Consolidation Moves Update

We are pleased to share with you the initial timeline for the upcoming moves, the general building layout of Waterfront Plaza, and additional logistical information to assist you with preparing your space. You can also find pertinent faculty and staff updates related to the move on our Sharepoint site.

  • For those moving to Pioneer Plaza: Boxes will be available 30 days prior to your estimated move date or as requested. We will identify and reach out to point people in each department to assist with providing direction during the move as well as boxes, box labeling templates and tape. Here are some guidelines for the best way to safely and securely pack your equipment

  • For those moving to Waterfront Plaza: Island Movers will move the computer equipment on a special cart that does not require staff and faculty to box them, however all equipment must be labeled with blue tape provided by your point people

  • If you have any computing equipment that needs to be disposed of, please fill out the eWaste disposal form found here. There will also be an eWaste disposal drive during Sustainability Week from April 15-19, details are forthcoming

  • Parking relocation efforts are underway for approximately 227 employees or 50 percent of all employees who park in the various downtown Honolulu parking lots and Hawaii Loa Campus. An individual email will be sent to employees regarding their options and timeline. Additional parking information including unsubsidized costs can be found here. We recently sent a transportation survey so we can better assess your parking needs, please fill it out if you haven’t already done so.

  • Paper shredding and furniture removal continue to be available as well. If you would like to schedule furniture disposal, please fill out the form here and for information regarding Shredit bin locations, please visit the link here

  • Each Department is required to retain official University documents in accordance with the Records Retention Policy requirements found here