Smithsonian Institution Visits HPU, Presenting Internship and Career Opportunities

Smithsonian Institution representatives, Stephanie Linehan, director of advancement and outreach-California, and Ruth Anna Stolk, executive director of the Smithsonian’s Conservation Commons, visited HPU on Tuesday, Jan. 22, to present internship and career opportunities for HPU students in many fields, from history to science. 

Linehan and Stolk talked to students about the Smithsonian’s major initiatives including a focus on women’s history and climate change and its Earth Optimism Summit 2020. Linehan stated the Smithsonian hires thousands of college interns, and students can find a career path at the Smithsonian. She directed any interested students to the Smithsonian Internship website. For more information,  contact HPU Professor of History Jon Davidann, Ph.D., at