Staff Council Honors Director, Center for Academic Success

The Staff Council Special Events and Recognition Committee, which sponsors the Ke Kaukahi awards, acknowledges we each have a role, a responsibility that is our own, but our success is reliant on working together, focusing on our shared mission and goals.  

Lisa Ishikuro, director, Center for Academic Success, was named the Fall 2018 Ke Kaukahi individual recipient honoree. “Lisa consistently volunteers to support recruiting and retention efforts across campus,” said a staff nominator. She participates in initiatives such as Preview Day, outreach calling campaigns, New Student Orientation presentations and parent breakout sessions, and the first week of school student concierge table. Additionally, last fall, Ishikuro volunteered for the Hanai (Adopt-a-Student) program to support first-year students, and she mentors students as an advisor to various clubs as well as an honor society for non-traditional students.