HPU Libraries Offer 24/7 Chat Service

HPU Libraries offer a 24/7 virtual reference service to support our students, faculty and distance education programs. The chat service is provided through QuestionPoint, a cooperative virtual reference platform, allowing students to interact with a reference librarian in real time and ask questions about library research. During off-hours, HPU students may be chatting with a librarian from another academic institution. Likewise, HPU reference librarians cover several hours a week for other institutions. Last year alone, HPU students benefited from 605 chat sessions.

The 24/7 chat service provides help to students whenever they need it and wherever they are. It is great for students who work during late night hours or early morning on their research papers and projects, and there have been numerous instances of reference librarians helping HPU students who are out of the country and taking online courses. Students also use the chat to ask general HPU questions of librarians who have directed them to resources for student life, the bookstore, financial aid, and the registrar’s office.

Students can access the chat reference service through the HPU Libraries web portal and via Blackboard. The direct URL is: https://hpu.on.worldcat.org/chat/librarian