Chinese Journalists Visit with Students in Contemporary China Course

Professors Marc Jason Gilbert, Ph.D., of the College of Liberal Arts and James Corcoran, Ph.D., of the College of Professional Studies arranged for five journalists from China to visit Gilbert’s course, International Studies 3930 (Contemporary China), on Thursday, Nov. 15 The journalists were part of a group of media/communication specialists studying at the University of Hawai‘i under the Parvin Scholarship Program. 

In keeping with the journalists’ desire to have an intimate exchange, the students were divided into four groups (three to four students per group) to talk with one or two Chinese journalists. The journalists rotated to a new group approximately every 15 minutes. The students were free to ask any questions but generally followed a list they had collectively prepared as course-work.  The journalists’ fluency in the English language, their vast collective experience of Chinese media, and most of all, their candor on such subjects as investigative journalism in China, web-based news organizations both public and private, and the lucrative nature of free-lance news-writing there deeply impressed the students during their free-flowing  exchanges.