Graduate Valedictory Speaker Named for Fall Commencement Ceremony

Anette M. Nystrøm, Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development


Anette M. Nystrøm was born in Lier, Norway and is the oldest of two children born to Lise and Torgeir. In 2016, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Global Nutrition and Health from Copenhagen Metropolitan University in Denmark, where she specialized in Public Health Nutrition and Food Policy. Nystrøm has enjoyed professional experiences during internships with the World Health Organization HQ in Geneva, Switzerland and The Medical Research Council in Cambridge, UK. These experiences led her to pursue the Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development. During her time at HPU, she has participated in numerous sustainability-related local initiatives, worked with Sustainable Pacific Consulting, LLC, and has been particularly inspired by the teachings from the Native Hawaiian community. Upon graduation, she plans to continue her adventures and work in Hawai‘i and is also looking into Ph.D. opportunities.