Phan Receives Grant to Conduct Research at the National Archives

Ngoc Phan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science received the College of Arts and Letter’s College Scholarly Endeavors Program (CSEP) 2018-19 grant. The grant provided her research funds to travel to Washington, DC for ten days in July to conduct archival research at the National Archives.

At the archives, she worked closely with Archive Specialist Sarah Waitz to gain access to the Center for Legislative Archives. Each day Phan examined carts full of boxes from the US House and Senate committees and petitions to the House Interior and Insular Affairs from 1900-1960, ultimately reviewing and collecting over 3000 images of historical documents. In the upcoming school year, Phan will be processing the data and presenting her research findings. A preliminary result from the archival research is that while the vote for statehood occurred in 1959, the US House and Senate were being lobbied and petitioned to make Hawai‘i a state immediately following "annexation." While the historical narrative suggests, the "people of Hawai‘i voted for statehood" the historical evidence of correspondence between companies, groups, and actors with the US Congress suggest otherwise.