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Miina HuotariMiina Huotari
European Regional Representative

Aloha!  Our names are Miina Huotari & Jimmi Hemmenbach, and we are HPU's coordinators for Europe!  With Miina based in Berlin and Jimmi based in Honolulu, we serve as a team to support European students interested in attending HPU.  Throughout the year, both of us frequently travel throughout Europe to conduct high school visits, attend educational fairs, visit with partner universities and schools, and meet with interested students and families who want to learn more about HPU.  Calendars of our upcoming travels throughout Europe and the Nordic countries are located below.

Please feel free to contact Jimmi or Miina with any questions you may have about the many undergraduate, graduate, and short-term study-abroad opportunities that are available to you.

Jimmi Hemmenbach
Jimmi Hemmenbach
Associate Director
of Int'l Admissions

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