HPU Student Experience


Mallory Follmer, MBA Club
“As an undergraduate, I was involved in the marketing club where we helped small companies with their marketing campaigns. As a graduate student, I am now an active MBA club member. The club gives me the opportunity to see how businesses in Hawaii operate and meet people in the business field. I have also been a member of the Hawaii Society of Business Professionals, which was introduced to me by a professor. It is an opportunity to have a luncheon with professionals across the island and network with these professionals."


Tara O'Sullivan, Cheerleader
"The majority of my time is dedicated to the HPU cheerleading program, cheering at volleyball and basketball games and putting on various performances for the community. Otherwise, I can usually be found at the beach. On the weekends, my friends and I like to try new things like hiking or sky diving on the North shore."


Vaughn Harber, Track & Cross Country
“As a Student-Athlete, I’ve found HPU to be highly flexible and easy to work with. The staff create an extensive support network and I have access to many facilities.”


Lauren Engel, AMA Club & Student Life Activities
“One of my favorite things about Hawaii Pacific University is the variety of clubs and activities offered. Joining clubs is a great way to make friends and network. Being an International Business Major, the American Marketing Association was really a great way for me to meet other people who had similar majors and interests as me. I was able to learn a lot from my peers and meet some very influential people at our mixers.

HPU also has a lot of great contests and ways to get involved. One of my greatest joys in life is painting. Last fall HPU had an art contest to create a picture that described ‘Your View of HPU’. I painted a scene of one of my favorite spots on the downtown campus and ended up winning the contest! Studying at HPU has provided me with a lot of amazing opportunities to do things I enjoy, meet really cool people and try new things!”


Ashley Fernandez, Women's Softball
"Attending HPU and playing for the softball team has been great. I’ve met a lot of nice people and made many new friends. Coming from a small town, I’ve enjoyed experiencing the big city. I naturally also like the more traditional college setting of the Windward Campus."


Dooyang Ra, On Hawai'i, Student Life Activities & Student Clubs
"When you hear the word Hawai‘i, what pops up into your mind? For me, it’s seeing stunning views while hiking, playing volley ball on Fort DeRussy beach, and, of course, surfing around the island. There are lots of fun touristy activities you can do in Hawai‘i, like take a volcano tour or go to a luau, a Hawai‘ian celebration with traditional food and dance.

At HPU, there are a lot of events going on as well. They have live band performances and lots of smaller events on Fort Street Mall, i.e. games like basketball free-shooting for a prize. HPU has Movie in the Mall, where they show a movie on a big screen on Fort Street Mall. Student Life also sponsors off-campus activities such as hiking to waterfalls and scuba diving in different spots.

There are lots of cultural clubs at HPU and each seems to involve doing a performance to represent the club. I performed with Latino Unidos for Intercultural Day; that was a fun experience for me. HPU also has outdoor clubs like Capoeria Club and Hiking Club. There are academic clubs such as TIMSO, Accounting Club, and Marine Science Club. Through these HPU clubs, students are able to get involved and have fun, not just study, while at HPU."


Sharky, Mascot
"I like showing my school spirit, attending student activities, and cheering at sports events. I also like that there is a student government, the Associated Students of HPU, that helps organize additional social, educational, and professional events."