Charlene Chen

Charlene Chen

BS Nursing, 2009

CCU New Graduate Nurse, Stanford Hospital

HPU provided me with the confidence I needed to enter the real world...


FAQ for Parents

How can my son/daughter find a part-time job?
The Career Services Center (CSC) uses HPU Connect, an on-line job search system to post part-time jobs, both on and off-campus, sent to us by public and private employers from all over the continental US and the state of Hawaii.  Your student will need to sign in and update their profile, and can upload their resume, which will be reviewed by a CSC staff member.

What if my student and I disagree on the best choice of a career?
Although you probably know your student very well, you might suggest that they come to the CSC for some assessment testing to ensure that they are going down the right career path.  Students are encouraged to make an individual appointment to speak to a career specialist in depth. 

Is it okay to attend an appointment with my student?
If you feel strongly that your student needs your support during their first visit or two, you may accompany him or her to an appointment with a career counselor.  However, as an adult, your student must consent to your participation. 

Can I make an appointment for my student?
We encourage students to make their own appointments but if it helps to initiate the process, you may certainly do so.  If the student does not wish to keep the appointment we ask that you cancel at least 24 hours in advance, so that other students can be served.

When should my student come in to see you?
Career planning is an important process, so it always helps to start early.  Studies show that students who have a clear career goal are much more motivated and less likely to drop out of school.  Recent research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers also show thatstudents who used career center services extensively fared better in the job market than their peers who didn’t use the career center or used the career center in a limited way. 

How successful are internships?
Internships are very important in helping students discover which job is right for them.  Students are able to get a first hand feel of their career interest field and industry.  Many employers hire their interns after graduation or become professional references.  Click here to learn more about our internship & co-op program. 

Do you have Career Fairs?
We hold two major Career Fairs - the Business & Technology Career Fair in March and the Health, Science & Social Services Career Fair in October.  The purpose of the Career Fair is to allow HPU students and alumni to actively apply for positions and to network.  Students are asked to dress professionally and bring resumes; we hold a number of workshops to help them prepare for the fairs.  These events are always free of charge to students. 

Can you guarantee that my student will have a job when they graduate?
What we can guarantee is to provide services to help your student choose a career, plan and prepare for his or her job search, and provide opportunities to make contact with employers.  We believe in teaching students the skills necessary to be self-sufficient and self-directed in their job search, which will help them not only when they graduate, but in years to come. 

What can I do to help the Career Services Center?
Encourage your son or daughter to make the most of our resources.  We offer counseling, skills & personality assessments, resume & cover letter assistance, mock interviews, and much more.  You can also encourage your employer to particpate in job shadowing, taking on an intern, attending our career fairs, or recruiting at HPU.