Office: CTSA Building #1
The Oceanic Institute
Phone: (808) 236-3563
Pelagicos Lab

K. David Hyrenbach, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Oceanography


  • Ph.D. Oceanography (2001). Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • B.S. Ecology, Behavior & Evolution (1993). University of California San Diego

Courses Taught:

  • BIOL 3010 Hawaiian Natural History
  • BIOL 4090 Biometry
  • BIOL 6090 Advanced Biometry
  • MARS 4040/6040 Seabird Ecology & Conservation
  • MARS 4400/6400 Marine Conservation Biology
  • MARS 6300 Multivariate Applications in Marine Science
  • MARS 6910 Current Topic in Marine Science
  • MARS 6980 Comprehensive Marine Science Seminar
  • NSCI 3950 Natural Sciences Practicum
  • NSCI 4950 Independent Research
  • NSCI 6900 Master's Research
  • NSCI 7000 Master's Thesis

Message for Prospective Students

Professional Interests:

Marine conservation, ecology and natural history of marine mega-vertebrates, seabirds as bio-indicators

Teaching Interests/Research:

My main research interests are the oceanic habitats of far-ranging pelagic vertebrates (seabirds, turtles, cetaceans, tunas), and the physical mechanisms (upwelling, convergence) that define predictable areas of enhanced biological activity in pelagic systems. My objective is to incorporate an understanding of natural history and oceanography into the design of management and conservation strategies (i.e., gear modifications, area closures, Marine Protected Areas) to protect highly mobile pelagic species and their dynamic habitats.

Personal Interests:

Stand-up paddling, swimming, tennis, gardening, native plants, cappucinos