Capstone Symposium

Capstone Symposium


The Capstone Symposium is an annual event at Hawaii Pacific Univerisity to promote academic excellence, learning with real-world purposes, interdisciplinary exchanges, and HPU-community connections.

Follow link for 2017 Capstone Symposium Program (pdf)

Session ONE: 10:50-12:15

Session TWO: 12:30-1:55

Session THREE: 2:05-3:30

Award Ceremony: 4:15-4:45 CONCLUDING REMARKS AND Awards presented by HPU President John Gotanda

Audiences: HPU students and faculty, student families, potential employers, community members

The Capstone Symposium provides presenters opportunities to

  • share what they have accomplished in their degree program
  • showcase their competency, creativity, and innovation in certain areas
  • relate discipline-specific learning outcomes to real world applications
  • link their knowledge and abilities to future employment or higher education
  • substantiate professional development and achievement

The Capstone Symposium enables the audience to learn about

  • what HPU students can accomplish by the time they graduate
  • what different degree programs can offer
  • how HPU contributes to the local community and the world

Presentation Format: Poster (paper and multi-media) presentations in 3 sessions (10:50-12:15; 12:30-1:55; 2:05-3:30)

Presenter Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students who are completing a capstone experience in the current semester or have completed a capstone experience in the semester before the current semester. Capstone experiences include but are not limited to achievement portfolio, senior project, thesis, practicum, internship, professional paper, field experience, co-op experience, clinical assignment. Presenters need to submit an application form (available at Capstone Symposium’s website) and be recommended by a faculty member.

Awards: Undergraduate and Graduate students compete within their division for the following awards:

  • First Place Award
  • Second Place Award
  • Third Place Award
  • Community Impact Awards
  • Effective Communication Awards

Door prizes: All student attendants and presenters are eligible for door prizes. Door prize winners are announced every session.

Deadline for application: April 3, 2017

Acceptance notification: April 6, 2017

Proposal submission: Fill out this Application form then save it in PDF format and submit through this EasyChair conference management system. You will need to set up a free account in order to submit your proposal.

Sponsors: Office of Academic Affairs, College Deans, Student Life, Career Services Center, Marketing

Organizers: Capstone Symposium Sub-Committee, Graduate Policies Committee (Valentina Arbodonato, Andrew Brittain, Russell Hart, Jessica Garlock, Catherine Ghourani, Alison Gough, Wendy Lam, Hanh Nguyen, Noelia Paez, Mani Sehgal)

Questions? Contact Dr. Hanh Nguyen




[last updated: April 19, 2017]