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Bachelor of Science in Public Health - BSPH

The B.S. in Public Health (BSPH) degree program at HPU provides education and training for students who wish to pursue careers in public and community health, and other health-related fields. Healthcare is a growing industry that offers many opportunities for students who complete this degree. This flexible degree program prepares students to work in the public health, community students in classroomhealth organizations, healthcare, or wellness industry focusing on health promotion, wellness management, health education and community health services in addition to serving as a foundation for graduate programs in a variety of health-related areas. The program can also be taken by those already working in the healthcare sector (such as paramedics or respiratory therapists) who wish to broaden their education, fulfill education requirements to go on to graduate school, or to advance to teaching or management. This degree is also an option for students who initially chose another health related major at HPU and now wish to pursue a different degree option in a seamless and productive manner.

Building on the General Education Program common to all programs at HPU, the curriculum focuses on the basic sciences. Upper division public health courses include health policy analysis, epidemiology, health education, health promotion and wellness management, and evidence-based research utilization, grantwriting, and three semesters of practicum. A required capstone allow students to synthesize what they have learned in their coursework to provide hands-on experience.