Business Office

Business Office Frequently Asked Questions

Students may make payments on their outstanding balance or seek assistance understanding their account balance regarding various charges, payments, requesting credit refunds, and holds on their account.

Q: How can I pay?

  • Online through Pipeline –
    • eCheck
    • Savings Account
  • VISA/MasterCard:
    **Pipeline can only accept VISA/MASTERCARD exclusively.**
  • Mail in a Check or Money Order issued to Hawaii Pacific Univeristy with Student’s ID# to our address:
    1164 Bishop St. Suite 1200
    Honolulu, HI 96813
  • International Student payment - Flywire

NOTE TO STUDENTS: By completing registration for any term, you agree to the financial responsibility for all charges, including late fees, on your student account. You promise to pay Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) the full amount of the obligation or to make payment plan arrangements by the due date.

Furthermore, you agree to pay any and all costs, including collections, attorney and litigation costs incurred by HPU in efforts to collect, should you default on your student account charges. You may be unable to register, obtain transcripts, or access grades if your student account balance is unpaid.

Q: Can I make a payment with a third party check?

All check, money order or cashier check payments must be issued to Hawaii Pacific University. We will not accept checks issued to the student or any other third party.

Q: When is tuition due?

Term Due Date
Fall 2016 August 15th
Winter 2016 November 28th
Spring 2017 January 3rd

To avoid late fees, be sure to pay your tuition in full on time.

Q: I want to breakdown my tuition into monthly payments. How can I do this?

HPU offers a monthly payment plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS). Visit or contact them at 888-713-7234 for full details about the enrollment process.

Hurry! The sooner you enroll with TMS, the easier it is to manage your payments!

Q: I keep hearing about HPU Pipeline and how I can pay my tuition online. What exactly is eBill and Pipeline?

The HPU electronic eBill is the official means of generating tuition bills to HPU students. You will receive a message in your HPU email account when your HPU bill is ready to be viewed online. Your online statement will reflect all activity on your student account (this includes tuition, fees, housing, books, other campus charges, payments and financial aid credited to your account) a detail of the amount due and payment due date.

Go to this link to log into HPU Pipeline -

Q: How do I access my eBill to pay my bill?

To access your eBill, Log in to HPU Pipeline, click on the “eBill + Pay Bill” tab located under the “MyQuick Links.”

Q: How do I set up my parents and other authorized payers to view and pay my eBills online?

  • Access your eBill, click “My Account” > “Authorized Users”. Enter their email information.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Authorized payers can:
    • View student's tuition bills
    • View student's billing and payment history
    • Pay student's tuition bills from a credit card, checking or savings account.
    • Download and print a copy of bill for sending check payments via U.S. Mail.

Q: How will I be able to receive my Financial Aid refund check this year?

To expedite and efficiently process Financial Aid refund checks, all refund checks will automatically be mailed based on your Mailing Address. CHECKS WILL NOT BE HELD FOR PICK UP. Please be sure to keep your contact information (mailing address) current in Pipeline to ensure that you receive your refund check.

Q: When will my Financial Aid refund check be mailed?

Refund checks should be received approximately 10 business days after the “Date” linked to the description “Financial Aid Refund” Find this in your “Account Activity” tab in your HPU Pipeline eBill account.

Example in Pipeline:

DESCRIPTION Code Date Amount ($)
Financial Aid Refund RFFA 07-Oct-2011 XXX.XX

*If you have not received your check by the respective date, you can contact our Business Office.

Q: Where can I find out more information about the HPU Business Office?

Go to this link for more information:

Q: How do I read my tuition charges?

Tuition Detail Code

Tuition charges will no longer display on the statement as a single summarized amount. Charges will now display as per credit charges summarized by the college delivering the course(s), as well as a “Tuition Plateau” charge for all full-time undergraduate students registered for 12 or more credits. The “Tuition Plateau” amounts will vary based on how many credits a student is registered for, and this amount could be an additional charge or a credit. All full-time undergraduate students are charged tuition at a flat rate, or plateau rate when taking 12 to 16 credits. The purpose of the “Tuition Plateau” charge is to adjust the total amount of tuition based on the per credit charges to reach the appropriate flat rate. Please see the below tuition charge descriptions and the associated colleges delivering those course(s).

Tuition Business Admin – College of Business Administration

Tuition Liberal Arts - College of Liberal Arts

Tuition Nat/Comp Sci – College of Natural and Computational Sciences

Tuition Health/Society - College of Health and Society

Tuition Ext/Interd Ed – College of Extended and Interdisciplinary Education

Tuition Plateau – See above explanation

Example – Full-time Student


College of Liberal Arts                                          9 Credits              Tuition Hum/Soc Sci          $6,975.00

College of Natural and Computational Science      6 Credits              Tuition Nat/Comp Sci        $4,650.00

Total per credit charges by college                       15 Credits                                                         $11,625.00

Tuition adjustment to reach plateau/flat rate                                           Tuition Plateau                       $-45.00

Total tuition charges                                                                                                                               $11,580.00



College of Liberal Arts                                         6 Credits              Tuition Hum/Soc Sci         $4,650.00

College of Natural and Computational Science      6 Credits              Tuition Nat/Comp Sci        $4,650.00

Total per credit charges by college                       12 Credits                                                           $9,300.00

Tuition adjustment to reach plateau/flat rate                                            Tuition Plateau                  $2,280.00

Total tuition charges                                                                                                                               $11,580.00