Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

BSN Program Overview

The profession of nursing is a very exciting one where, regardless of your interests, there is a place for you. Nurses practice in settings where people live, work, and play: hospitals, clinics, laboratories, schools, homes, industries, summer camps, public health, and research agencies; the list goes on. There will always be a demand for qualified nurses in Hawai'i, throughout the nation, and around the world.

With the goal of "health for all" reflected in the Healthy People 2020 statement by the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States; nurses will not only need to provide health care in a multicultural environment, but they will also need to be educated to understand the needs of more vulnerable populations. At HPU, we are educating nurses who will be able to respond to these varied demands.

At HPU, we believe that nursing education must be built upon a strong foundation of liberal arts and sciences to prepare graduates who will practice as professional nurses in the multicultural environment of our global community. The liberally educated baccalaureate nurse has the ability to analyze, think critically, and express the compassion needed in today's ever-changing health care environment.

Our challenging curriculum and competent, caring faculty will guide you in learning the care of individuals of all ages, their families, and their communities. You will have an interesting variety of hands-on experiences in many of O'ahu's health care agencies and the opportunity to apply the concepts, theories, and skills learned in the classroom and on-campus laboratories in a wide range of clinical settings.

In our global academic community, we learn from one another. We hope that you choose to join us for a quality baccalaureate nursing education.

Hawai`i Pacific University College of Nursing and Health Sciences is committed to educating competent and caring professionals in the practice of health promotion and healthcare. Graduates are life-long learners and leaders dedicated to delivering holistic care in the spirit of aloha for a global community.

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences will be ranked in the top nursing and health science programs delivering a distinct transcultural healthcare educational experience.