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Transcultural Nursing Center

The Transcultural Nursing Center at HPU is strongly committed to the belief that cultural competency is a crucial factor in providing quality care to diverse populations. The essence of transcultural nursing is caring, respect, and healing within the context of one’s cultural beliefs and health practices.

Transcultural nursing is the formal study and practice in nursing which is based upon people’s cultural values, beliefs, and practices and use of this knowledge to provide culturally competent care in health and illness.


The mission of the Transcultural Nursing Center is to promote the delivery of culturally competent nursing care to diverse populations. The center is committed to enhancing the health care of a changing, more culturally dynamic population, with particular focus on reducing health disparities.

Culturally Competent Care:

"Cultural competence is the ongoing process in which the health care professional continuously strives to achieve the ability to work effectively within the cultural context of the client (individual, family, community)."Campinha-Bacote

Cultural competence maximizes the client’s health potential to achieve optimal health and well being within the parameters of the client’s own cultural traditions and beliefs.

Our Goals:

The center’s mission is implemented through three core dimensions that emphasize the development of culturally competent care:

Education and Consultation 

  • Provide nursing curricula that increases knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote culturally competent care.
  • Conduct transcultural educational programs for students, groups, organizations, and communities that are designed to enhance the quality and outcomes of nursing education and practice.
Transcultural nursing


  • Provide culturally competent health care programs and services for differing populations.
  • Enhance communication and collaborative relationships with health care educators and providers and the diverse communities they serve.


  • Conduct transcultural nursing research that promotes an understanding of the diverse needs and health disparities of population groups.
  • Evaluate health services and their ability to deliver culturally competent care.

"Nurses recognize that the greatest challenge for nursing today and in the future is to learn how to care for different people of diverse cultures with compassion and understanding," 


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For further information contact Transcultural Nursing Center:
Director:Patricia Burrell PhD, APRN, APMHCNS-BC, CNE
Transcultural Nursing Center
Telephone: (808) 236-3552