Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

Clinical Health Requirements and Background Checks

Clinical health requirements and background checks are mandatory per the clinical facilities for any student participating in clinical courses. The facilities will not allow anyone entry unless the College of Nursing and Health Sciences can provide documentation each semester that all of the requirements have been met. All health requirements are determined by each individual facility and are subject to change without prior notice. We attempt to notify students and meet these specific requirements as quick and smoothly as possible. However, the students are liable for maintaining current and accurate health records during the entire time participating in clinical courses.

We are implementing a new system for tracking health records that will be more secure and easier for you. Effective immediately you will be able to email, fax or mail your health records to Certified Background. All nursing students must submit their health records to this web site by the health records deadline.

Please read the Certified Background Student Instructions and then visit
** If you have been living in the US in the last 7 years, please choose the 1st package listed in the instructions. If you have lived outside of the US in the last 7 years, please choose the 2nd package listed in the instructions. The last package code is used when you need to renew your background check (done annually).

You can address your questions and concerns to the Health Record Assistant, Risa Tanaka, at or by phone at 236-5816.

Her office hours are:

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm

***Some clinical site may ask for additional testing, and fees may be required.***  

Click on the links to access, fill and print the following forms: 

Updated on: 10/20/2015