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Apr. 26 - Congratulations to graduating senior Erik Henze (B.S. Biochemistry ’16) for receiving a 2016 H.Y. Benedict Fellowship from Alpha Chi National Honor Society! Erik has been participating in undergraduate research at HPU for the past two years with Associate Professor of Biochemistry Dr. Yongli Chen, and had the opportunity to present at several scientific conferences during that time. He will begin his graduate studies at Cornell in the fall.

Apr. 15 - An update is now available with the status and reception of OI’s first batch of captive-bred yellow tangs among the aquarium community!

Apr. 3 - Associate Professor of Oceanography Dr. David Hyrenbach was the featured speaker at Hanauma Bay's educational outreach seminar series, Sundays at the Bay. His talk was entitled "Monitoring and research of an urban shearwater colony at the Freeman Seabird Preserve."

March 8 - The first batch of captive-bred yellow tangs shipped from the Oceanic Institute at Hawaii Pacific University (OI) to two ornamental fish wholesale distributors on the mainland. Director of Finfish Breeding at OI and CNCS Affiliate Faculty member, Dr. Chad Callan, says proceeds from this first sale will directly support further research to refine the technology for application with other surgeonfish. Read the full article.

Mar. 7 - Associate Professor of Oceanography Dr. David Hyrenbach and colleagues co-authored the proceedings of a Society for Conservation Biology special session devoted to 'Geospatial approaches to support pelagic conservation planning and adaptive management' held in Oakland, CA, in July 2012. 

Mar. 1 - Congratulations to Associate Professor of Oceanography Dr. Varis Grundmanis whose outstanding photo of an endangered green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) with surgeonfish has been selected for use in the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s media for the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress, 1-10 September 2016.

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