College of Natural and Computational Sciences

Kristi West, Ph.D. 


Postdoctoral Fellow (2003-2005), National Zoological Park and the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.

Ph.D. Biomedical Science (2002). University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Ph.D. Marine Ecology (2002). L’Universite de la Polynesie Francaise.

M.Sc. Marine Science (1998). University of the Ryukyus

B.A. Marine Science (1996).  University of Hawaii at Hilo.

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(Past 5 years)

Member, Dolphin Quest Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), 2001-present.

Member, College of Natural Sciences Faculty Hiring Committee (Fall 2006)

Member, College of Natural Sciences Oceanography Faculty Search Committee (Spring 2007)

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(Past 5 years)

Jacob J.M., K.L. West, G. Levine, S. Sanchez, and B.A. Jensen. Initial characterization of the novel Beaked Whale Morbillivirus in Hawaiian cetaceans. In Press, Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. doi:10.3354/dao02941.

A.M.K. Hansen, C.E. Bryan, K.L. West, B.A. Jensen. (2015) Trace Element Concentrations in Liver of 16 Species of Cetaceans Stranded on Pacific Islands from 1997 through 2013. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology pp 1-21

K.L. West, J.G. Mead, C.W. Potter. Submitted. The attainment of sexual and physical maturity in the rough-toothed dolphin, Steno bredanensis. Canadian Journal of Zoology.

K.L. West, O.T. Oftedal, J. Carpenter, M. Campbell, B.J. Krames, J.C. Sweeney.  Effect of stage of lactation and concurrent pregnancy on milk composition in bottlenose dolphins. Journal of Zoology. (In Press).

A. Gannier, K.L. West. (2004). Distribution of the rough-toothed dolphin (Steno bredanensis) around the Windward Islands, French Polynesia. Pacific Science: (59)1:17-24.

K.L. West,  R. van Woesik. (2001). Spatial and temporal variance of river discharge on Okinawa (Japan): Inferring the temporal impact on adjacent coral reefs.  Marine Pollution Bulletin: 42(10) 864-872.

K.L. West, S. Atkinson, M. Carmichael, J.C. Sweeney, B. Krames, J. Krames. (2000). Concentrations of progesterone in dolphin milk during different reproductive states. General and Comparative Endocrinology: (117) 218-224.

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(Past 5 years)

West, K.L. (July 2006). Marine Mammal Strandings: Collecting data on the life-history of cetaceans. Pacific Islands Regional Stranding Conference, Honolulu, HI.

West, K.L, Oftedal, O.T., Wells, R. S., Costa, D. P. and M.B. Kretzmann. (October 2005). Milk composition in free-ranging bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) obtained from 17 years of sample collection. Indianapolis Zoo Dolphin Reproduction Symposium. Abstracts.

West, K.L and J.C. Ramer. (October 2005). Thyroid function in bottlenose dolphins: an overview of efforts to establish baselines. Indianapolis Zoo Dolphin Reproduction Symposium. Abstracts.

Eisert, R., West, K.L., Oftedal, O.T. and J.C. Sweeney. (October 2005). The dietary biomarker method: a new tool for cetacean research. Indianapolis Zoo Dolphin Reproduction Symposium. Abstracts.

Shah, R.S., West, K.L., Oftedal, O.T., Wells, R.S. and J.C. Sweeney. (October 2005). Milk mineral values in free-ranging and captive bottlenose dolphins. Indianapolis Zoo Dolphin Reproduction Symposium.

West, K.L., Ramer, J.C., Van Bonn, W.G. and J.C. Sweeney. (May 2003). Ultrasound techniques for measurement of the thyroid gland in Tursiops truncatus. 34th Annual International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine Conference. Abstracts.

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Grants, Contracts and Awards

(Past 5 years)

Prescott Marine Mammal Assistance Grant Program, (2006-2007): Increasing cetacean necropsy capabilities in the Main Hawaiian Islands.

Marine Science Network, Smithsonian Institution, (2004-2007): A comparative study of bottlenose dolphin nutritional foraging ecology.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund (2005-2006): Wild study of rough-toothed dolphins and melon-headed whales in French Polynesia.

Dolphin Quest (2005). The milk mineral content of dolphin milk.

Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution (2004-2007). Dolphin calf nutritional needs in Florida’s wild dolphins.

Smithsonian Institution, National Zoological Park (2004): Continued study of the energetics of lactation in cetaceans, post-doctoral extended fellowship award.

Smithsonian Institution (2002/2003): Study of the energetics of lactation in cetaceans, post-doctoral fellowship award.

Indianapolis Zoo (2003-2005): Studies of thyroid function in bottlenose dolphins.

Dolphin Quest Inc. (2002/2003): Investigations into dolphin physiology.

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