Marine Science


The BS in Marine Biology consists of a rigorous sequence of courses designed to prepare students for graduate work or employment in the field of marine biology.  In the first two years students complete core courses in biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as field- and lab-based coursework in oceanography and marine biology.  In the last two years students complete required courses in marine ecology and biology, and elective courses in biology, chemistry, environmental science,  and physical sciences.


Field Study     Field Study on the Kaholo

Student Labs aboard R/V Kaholo

BS Marine Biology Course Requirements

BS Marine Biology Program Objectives

On completion of the BS in Marine Biology, students will demonstrate:

1.    An understanding of the fundamental principles in the biological and the physical sciences 

2.    The ability to apply and integrate scientific principles to complex biological problems in the marine environment. 

3.    The ability to plan and implement observational and experimental studies of marine organisms and ecosystems and analyze the data obtained from these studies using appropriate mathematical and statistical techniques. 

4.    The ability to communicate scientific ideas effectively in written and oral formats using appropriate computer applications for data analysis and presentation. 

5.    The ability to find published information from a variety of printed and electronic sources.  

6.    The ability to use a biological perspective to analyze complex problems in the marine environment.