School of Social Work: Faculty and Staff

School of Social Work Faculty and Administration

Michaela Rinkel

Michaela Rinkel, M.S.W., Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Program Director for Master of Social Work

Office Location: Hawai'i Loa Campus, AC 107
Office Phone: (808) 566-2489
Office Fax: (808) 544-9329

Dr. Rinkel earned her Doctorate from the University of Minnesota. Her professional experience includes administrative positions in the field of social work and mental health care.

Margo Bare

Margo Bare, M.S.W., Instructor and Director of Field Education

Office Location: Hawai'i Loa Campus, NA 4
Office Phone: (808
) 544-1487
Office Fax: (808) 544-9329

Ms. Bare earned her MSW degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  She is currently the MSW Practicum Coordinator, and is responsible for finding practicum sites that fit the needs of our MSW students. She is a seasoned practitioner with extensive experience in medical social work and been in academia for over 23 years. She is well respected in Social Work circles. Margo has been a presenter and moderator at numerous conferences throughout the United States. 

Mark Fox

Mark Fox, M.S.W., M.F.A., M.S., Instructor of Social Work

Office Location: Hawai'i Loa Campus, NA 2
Office Phone: (808) 687-7033
Office Fax: (808) 544-9329

Mr. Fox has extensive direct service and administrative experience in behavioral health, social service and educational settings in Hawaii, Arizona, Connecticut and New York. His primary areas of specialization and concentration at H.P.U. include M.S.W. theory, methods and practice courses focused on the micro level.

Bill Hummel

William "Bill" Hummel, Instructor of Social Work

Office Location: Hawai'i Loa Campus, AC 109
Office Phone: (808) 389-5211
Office Fax: (808) 544-9329

Mr. Hummel earned his MSW from Hunter College in New York City. He has extensive experience in services provided to people who are homeless.  

Lorraine Marais, Ph.D.

Lorraine Marais, M.S.W., Ed. D., Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Office Location: Hawai'i Loa Campus, AC 104
Office Phone: (808) 566-2475
Office Fax: (808) 544-9329

Dr. Marais received her social work training at Western Michigan University and the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.  She has extensive experience and expertise in macro social work and program evaluation, and has led student trips to South Africa.

Dr. Scott Okamoto

Scott Okamoto, M.S.W., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social Work

Office Location: Hawai'i Loa Campus, NA 3
Office Phone: (808) 544-1160
Office Fax: (808) 544-9329

Dr. Okamoto earned is doctorate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  He also earned his MSW degree from San Jose State University.  Dr. Okamoto currently serves as principal investigator for research titled “Ecological Factors and Drug Use of Native Hawaiian Youth.”  Dr. Okamoto also published articles in numerous academic journals.

Paul Tran

Paul Tuan Tran, Instructor of Social Work and Interim Program Director for Bachelor of Social Work

Office Location: Hawai'i Loa Campus, AC 109
Office Phone: (808) 544-0855
Office Fax: (808) 544-9329

Mr. Tran's past work experiences involved working with Southeast Asian adolescent and run away youth. His current focuses include indigenousness perspectives, international and spiritual social work, immigrant and refugee populations, and fatherhood. In his play time, he likes surfing, running, community volunteering and traveling abroad.

School of Social Work Council

Marc Gannon currently serves as Waikiki Health Center’s Chief of Community Health Services, managing all aspects of clinic/program operations and fiscal oversight.  Programs include Care-A-Van drop-in and mobile medical, behavior health and social services to homeless individuals and families; Ryan White comprehensive HIV services; Statewide HIV and Hepatitis C Early Intervention Services; PATH Clinic, a women’s health specialty clinic; and Family Planning services.

Nick Eyre was born in Paris, France and arrived in Honolulu in 1966 to join the rest of his military contracted family. He served in the U.S. Air Force, attended Kapiolani Community College and the University of Hawaii on the G.I. Bill and received his Masters in Social Work from the University of Hawaii in 1983. He was a Social Worker for over 16 years at Sonoma Developmental Center in California. He retired from that position in 2003 and returned to Honolulu with his long-time partner, Jack Isbell, that same year.  He has been involved in various volunteer settings, including the School of Social Work at Hawaii Pacific University.

John “Br. Jack” Isbell was born in Nashville, Tennessee and grew up in a U.S. Navy family moving to many different “Navy Town” in the U. S. Mainland.  He earned a Masters in Social Work from the University of Hawaii in 1982. He served as a Social Worker at Military Advocacy at U.S. Naval Base Pearl Harbor for 3 years, a Psychiatric Social Worker for 10 years, Chaplain/Social Worker at Hospice of Napa Valley for 10 years and taught as an Adjunct Instructor at HPU for nearly 30 years. He is a member of a Franciscan Religious Order and will continue in the ministry of his church after retirement. 

Chia-Yin Chou is originally from Taiwan. She attended Brigham Young University- Hawaii where she earned her Bachelor’s degree and graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a Masters in Social Work in 2010. Chia-Yin has worked with multiple research projects and is interested in various research subjects relating to social issues, immigrants, and mental health.

Darrin Sato, MSW LCSW currently works as the Chief Operations Officer at Kalihi-Palama Health Center (KPHC). Darrin graduated with his MSW in 1996. Darrin served as Board President for the National Association of Social Workers Hawaii Chapter from 2004-2006 and previously held the position as Treasurer.  Darrin is on the Board of Directors for AAPCHO Association Asian and Pacific Islander Community Health Organizations.Darrin also serves as a mental health volunteer with the American Red Cross Hawaii Chapter.