Bachelor of Social Work

Program Director's WelcomePaul Tran

The study of social work is an exciting venture into oneself and out to the world. Practicing the profession of social work has enriched my life by allowing me to make the care of others a central focus. I hope they have benefitted as much as I have. Our first goal at HPU is to help you discover whether this demanding, challenging career is for you. If so, then we will do our best to teach you the skills, values, and knowledge you need. You will discover for yourself that the art of social work comes from blending information and technique with your own personality. We will try to encourage and support you through the inevitable rough spots. Welcome, future colleague!

Paul Tuan Tran
B.S.W. Interim Program Director, Instructor
Contact: • (808) 544-0855

Mission Statement

The mission of Hawaii Pacific University's Bachelors Degree in Social Work is to prepare appropriate undergraduate students, especially working adults, for entry into the competent, effective generalist practice of social work at the beginning level. Hawaii Pacific University's social work students should unashamedly want to "make the world a better place" through caring, professional practice. They should appreciate that social work's heritage, commitment, values, and methods offer one means of doing this

Why be a Social Worker?

Jobs are available: Social work is predicted to grow faster than average. Salaries have risen in recent years. (U.S. Department of Labor).

Eligible for licensure: You are eligible to be licensed in Hawaii and many other states once you complete the BSW.

“Head start” on grad school: If you want to get a Master‟s in Social Work (MSW) and have done well in the BSW, you may be eligible for up to a year‟s credit towards the degree. (Normally takes 2 years.)

Job satisfaction: You are able to help others and see them benefit from your efforts.

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