MA in TESOL: Prerequisites

Students from a variety of backgrounds are attracted to this graduate program. If a student has not met all of the prerequisites, he or she may still be accepted into the graduate program.  However, to ensure each student is adequately prepared for the academic rigors of graduate-level Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages curricula, the following undergraduate course must be satisfactorily completed as a foundation for graduate studies:

AL 2000

Introduction to Linguistics (or equivalent)

Second Language Requirement

MATESOL graduates will have at least an intermediate competence in a second modern language. Native speakers of English must take (or have taken previously at the tertiary level) two years of a language, other than English.  A student who may have developed a competency in a language, in some other way than formal study, may also meet this requirement by taking the HPU placement test (or its equivalent) for a language, and by placing on a level beyond the equivalent of the second college year of foreign language.