BA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Why a BA in TESOL at Hawaii Pacific University?

Few universities offer a BA in TESOL degree, and fewer still are located in such a beautiful, multicultural setting as Honolulu. With your BA in TESOL, you can graduate with a job, an opportunity to travel, and a possible career path. Overseas, BA TESOL graduates find positions in public and private schools, specialized language schools, and workplace programs, particularly in Asia. In North America, BA TESOL alumni teach English as a second language (ESL) in public, private, and language schools, as well as in programs serving immigrants of all ages. TESOL graduates also find positions as international student advisors, immigrant service providers, and teachers of other languages that they speak. Some continue their TESOL training in master’s degree programs, thereby positioning themselves for even greater opportunity at the college and university level.

BA TESOL Outcomes

Students who complete the Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages will be prepared to demonstrate ASK:

A Attitudes of a professional: They are collegial toward their peers, enthusiastic toward the profession, and thoughtfully reflective about their teaching practices. They display personal, professional, and cultural sensitivity toward their students.

S Skills of an effective language teacher: They possess excellent spoken and written English skills. They can critically evaluate ESL or EFL texts, prepare and teach effective lessons, apply sound principles in assessment and feedback, and respond appropriately to student needs in a given class.

K Knowledge of the English language, language learning processes, and pedagogical principles: They can base their teaching on knowledge of the English sound system, grammar, and variations in context; the stages and complexities of second language learning; and communicative language teaching methods.

Practicum Courses

The HPU TESOL program has a well-deserved reputation for its practical, hands-on approach to language teacher development. Nearly all TESOL students take two practicum courses. In the first, they observe language classes in a variety of settings both on and off campus. In the second, they serve as assistant or autonomous student teachers. In addition, TESOL students often work as student tutors in HPU’s Center for Academic Success, assisting other students with English, world languages, math, and other subjects. They also find both paid and volunteer opportunities for professional development off campus. Literacy programs, language centers, and public schools are all located within easy walking distance or a short bus ride of HPU classrooms.

To ensure that our students are prepared for their required practicum experiences, for both paid and volunteer opportunities at HPU or elsewhere, and for a full range of employment opportunities following graduation, all TESOL students must complete a criminal background check. Details are included in the full policy statement (PDF).

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