BA in Asian Studies

The BA in Asian and Pacific Studies is an inter-disciplinary major which will enable students to develop a grounded and sophisticated understanding of Asia as a region, countries within Asia, and the peoples, cultures, thought systems and histories of Asia.  It offers a range of courses on East Asian Studies; Southeast, South, and West Asian Studies; Art, Culture, and Society of Asia; and Politics and Economics of Asia.  Students are encouraged to pursue study abroad at an HPU student exchange program to complete part of the degree requirements.

The Asian Studies program is undergoing significant changes and updated information will soon be made available. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions of concerns please do not hesitate contact Dr. Matt LoPresti at or 808-544-0207. 

Degree Requirements   

Asian Studies related links:

If you’re interested in learning about and studying Asia, then you’ve come to the right place. The Association of Asian Studies (We’ll mostly refer to it as AAS) is the largest group of its kind, seeing how it has on average about eight thousands members located all around the world. The organization, a non-political, non-profit and scholarly group, is open to anyone interested in the study of Asia.

The East-West Center promotes better relations and understanding among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific through cooperative study, research, and dialogue. Established by the U.S. Congress in 1960, the Center serves as a resource for information and analysis on critical issues of common concern, bringing people together to exchange views, build expertise, and develop policy options

Muslim Societies in Asia and the Pacific (MSAP), an initiative of the School of Pacific and Asian Studies (SPAS) at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM), serves as an educational resource center for information, literature, and dialogue on the diversity of Muslim societies and cultures that span the Asia and Pacific region.