BSBA in Travel Industry Management

Travel Industry Management Cooperative Education Internship Program

TIM Cooperative Education/Internship Program

The Travel Industry Management (TIM) major at Hawai'i Pacific University is designed with a practical philosophy in mind. The knowledge that students have gained in the classroom can only be useful if it is applied in real situations. This practical learning experience forms the most important requirement in the major. Six hundred and six hours of work experience, normally divided into three 200-hour blocks, must be completed before a student is eligible to graduate.

Work Experience Component (Cooperative Education)

The primary purpose of the work experience component is to allow students to gain practical insights into the industry and to gain first hand experience in applying the theories learned to real world situations. Students also have the opportunity to earn a supplementary income while they work. Work experiences and internships are facilitated by the University's Career Services Center.

The work experience component is intended for freshman and sophomores who maintain a minimum of 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA). Coop jobs are entry level, requiring little or no work experience, and are paid. The experiences gained and the lessons learned from successful work opportunities are crucial in providing students with a more balanced educational experience.


Internships are usually for juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Positions in the internship program are pre-managerial, pre-professional, supervisory,or technical in nature and are either paid or non-paid. In order to qualify, undergraduate students must maintain a minimum 2.7 cumulative GPA and graduate students a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Simultaneous work experience along with course studies provide students with an enhanced learning experience to apply and integrate knowledge and skills in real situations. The internship experience is invaluable in opening doors to employment in entry-level management positions in the industry.