Registrar's Office

Your University ID Card

Ordering your student ID card is simple.

Please click here to upload your photo to our online system for approval. Your username is your HPU email address.

To set up a password for your email account, please login to Campus Pipeline and click on the Tech Support tab. Scroll down until you see Network/Wireless Control Panel. Input a new Password, check the box, and click Submit. Please note that this does not change your Pipeline credentials as these are two different accounts.

To avoid identity fraud, all new incoming students are required to pick up their ID card in person by showing a government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license or passport). All new International students must show their passports after being checked-in. For any questions or problems, please contact us at


The HPU ID card contains a color photo, as well as a computer-generated student, faculty or staff identification number.  

  • Every student, whether new or continuing, needs an ID card since it is recognized as the official identification card of HPU. The card is required for such activities as getting a student handbook and utilizing the University's intercampus shuttle service.
  • HPU faculty and staff members also need a ID card since it serves as the individual's official identification.

The ID card is required to gain access to certain services of the University Libraries (Atherton Library and Meader Library), the Computer Center, the Education Technology Center, and the Tutoring Centers.

Additionally, many merchants recognize the ID card for the purposes of providing discounts on various services and products. 

New and Continuing Students

  • Complete the course registration process, and then click here to submit your photo and order your student ID card.
  • Bring a valid government-issued photo identification with you to pick up your ID card from either of the two processing locations listed below. Examples of valid photo identification include your driver's license, state ID, military ID, or passport.

HPU Faculty and Staff

  • Visit the Human Resources Office (FH Building, Suite 310) to fill out the new hire forms and get your picture taken.
  • Your supervisor or head of your department will provide you with your ID card after it has been processed (approximately 2-3 days).

Military Campus Programs Students

  • Students at any military campus may go to either of the processing locations below to obtain an HPU ID card.
  • If a student registered at a military campus is unable to visit one of these processing locations, he/she can click here to submit a photo to receive a HPU ID card.

Replacement ID Cards

The replacement fee for ID cards and Nursing badges can be found here.

ID Card Processing Schedule and Locations

The schedule varies throughout the year. There are two processing locations for the HPU ID card. One is located in the Registrar's Office located at the Downtown Campus (UB Building, Suite 216). The second location is in the Education Technology Center located on the Hawai‘i Loa Campus (AC Building, 3rd floor).