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Rusara Seneviratne

BA in Science

Sri Lanka

I first heard about HPU through an university agent while in High School, who had recently connected with the university. I had always planned to attend a college in the US and I was very excited about the possibility of attending a college in Hawaii.


Tuition & Expenses

Total Costs | Undergraduate Tuition | Summer TuitionGraduate Tuition | ELS Tuition

International students are required by U.S. Immigration to be full-time students during the fall and spring semesters. Registering for less-than full-time must be authorized by an International Student Advisor (ISA). If you are a study abroad student, your home insitution may have additional requirements.

Tuition due date:
Generally, tuition is paid at the beginning of each semester. Students may pay tuition before they arrive at HPU (see tuition payment options) or upon their arrival.

Estimated total costs for the 2016-2017 academic year (9 months):

Undergraduate Visiting Undergraduate
(1 Semester)
Visiting Undergraduate
(2 Semesters)
Full-time Tuition
(for most majors/programs)
$ 22,160 $ 8,580 $ 17,160 $ 16,470
Living Expenses
(food, housing, utilities)
$ 13,610 $ 6,805 $ 13,610 $ 13,610
Other Expenses* $ 4,220 $ 2,110 $ 4,220 $ 4,220
Total $ 39,990 $ 17,495 $ 34,990 $ 34,300

*Other Expenses include books, transportation (bus pass), technology fee, personal expenses.

Currency calculator:

Undergraduate Tuition (effective with Fall 2015)

 Undergraduate Most Majors Nursing Program (Juniors and Seniors) Visiting Students
(12-16 credits)
$ 11,080 per semester $ 14,230 per semester $ 8,580 per semester

Full-time undergraduate tuition covers 12-16 credits. Credits above this range will be charged at the following rate:
 Undergraduate Most Majors Nursing Program (Juniors and Seniors) Visiting Students
Overload Credits $ 740 per credit $ 955 per credit $ 575 per credit

Undergraduate Programs

Summer Tuition 2015
The tuition for summer session is determined on a per-credit basis. Summer session is optional!

Undergraduate Most Majors Nursing Program
(Juniors and Seniors)
Visiting Students
All Credits $ 405 per credit $ 900 per credit $ 405 per credit

Graduate Tuition

Graduate Degree Seeking Visiting Students MS Marine Science MS Nursing
All Credits $955 per credit $ 915 per credit $ 1,215 per credit $ 1,275 per credit

Graduate Programs

ELS Tuition
For information about ELS tuition, please click here.

For further information, please contact International Admission.

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