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Anton Artamonov

Exchange Student, Economics, 2008


Studying at HPU was among the most exciting and challenging experiences in my life. I recall year 2007 when I was a junior student in Ukraine vigorously searching for new opportunities to expand my knowledge in Economics and Finance


Visiting Student Program

The Visiting Student Program at Hawai'i Pacific University was created for students who want to spend one or two semesters in an inviting, international environment. Hawai'i Pacific University (HPU) allows you to select courses that will both interest and challenge you and, more importantly, that will help you meet your educational requirements at your home university. Join more than 7,500 students from over 80 countries and 50 U.S. states at one of the most exciting universities in the United States for a unique global experience.

Students interested in participating in HPU's undergraduate visiting student program must have completed and graduated from high school. If you have attended university, you must have completed the equivalent of at least thirty (30) semester credits of academic study prior to your visiting student studies.
As a visiting student you are able to enroll in any combination of classes (depending on your academic level) from academic courses taught in HPU's undergraduate or graduate programs.

Below is information for visiting undergraduate students.  Applying as a Graduate Visiting Student?  Click here for the application.

Visiting Student Admission Requirements

Application Checklist (Undergraduate/Bachelor)

1. Submit Online Application (+ $50 application fee + $200 pre-registration deposit)
Preferably before April 1 (fall) or before November 1 (spring). 
We have rolling admission, which means that there are no deadlines. However, if you are required to take certain courses by your home institution, we recommend you to follow the suggested submission dates.
2. Submit proof of English proficiency (high school transcript, DAAD, TOEFL, IELTS or a letter of English proficiency from a faculty member at your home institution)
3. Copy of your valid passport picture page
4. Academic transcripts in English
5. Health Clearance Form* (MMR = measles, mumps, rubella) – required to register for classes.
*Please email the form to Miina Huotari ( once it has been completed.
6. Statement of Financial Sponsorship (SFS) Form + Bank Statement with the amount in US Dollars. We cannot issue the I-20 before receiving these documents.
The SFS form can be uploaded in the application or emailed to Miina Huotari ( If you apply after May 1, please submit the SFS with the application.
7. Proof of government funding (Lanekassen, CSN, SU etc.)
8. Course Request Form. Registration starts on April 8th. The Course list comes out mid-March and we will email the Course Request Form to all admitted students on April 1st or a couple of days after admission if application is submitted after that.
Preferably before April 15 (fall) or before November 1 (spring).


Graduate Visiting Students

HPU offers a visiting student program to students at a graduate (or Master's) level.  Students who have completed or are completing their Bachelor's Degree are eligible to apply for this program.

Application review is based on program specific requirements, which may vary by college.  Nonetheless, a GPA of a 3.0 (on a 4 point scale) is recommended.

To access the application, click here.

English Requirements

Undergraduate & Graduate Visiting Students English Requirements


High School transcripts with an average of 7 on 12 grading scale and 9 on 13 grading scale


DAAD – minimum “B2” average


High School transcript with an average grade of 4 on Vidaregaende


High School transcript with MVG in English A or VG in English B (old grading scale),
or the grade B of higher in English 5 or the grade C or higher in English 6 (new grading scale)

HPU will also accept the following:

  • A letter of English proficiency from our existing partner schools, as stated in the Study Abroad agreement; or
  • One (1) year or 60 ECTS at an accredited university or college in a program in which the primary language of instruction is English.

Please Note: High school transcripts cannot be older than 5 years at the time of applying.

Please click here to learn about other ways to meet HPU's English requirements.

Looking for assistance?  Check out our instructional webinars for some potentially helpful hints!

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