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internshipInternships and Co-ops

Internships and co-operative education (co-ops) are excellent opportunities for eligible students to gain hands-on experience in their field while earning academic credit for work experience.   Students must meet with a Career Counselor at the Career Services Center to obtain approval of an internship or co-op and to register for the credit(s).   Click here to learn about the many other benefits students often find when participating in an internship or co-op.

**NOTE:  Internships & Co-ops through the Career Services Center are not considered "practicums."  If your degree requires "practicum" hours, please contact your Academic Advisor or Program Chair for more information. 

*Note: Tuition rates apply per credit, please see current tuition rates at

Winter 2015 & Spring 2016 Internship Deadlines

The deadline for all students to register for an internship or co-op through the Career Services Center for is 5:00PM on Monday, December 14 for Winter 2015 & 5:00PM on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 for Spring 2016.  Internship documents that are incomplete or submitted past the deadline will not be approved.  Please be advised that, in some cases, a General Petition (GP) may be required.  If so, the GP must be approved prior to the deadline.  Please plan accordingly.

What's the difference between an Internship and a Co-op?


  • Primarily intended as an advanced work experience for students.
  • Training-oriented; may be pre-professional, pre-managerial, supervisory, or technical.
  • May be a paid or non-paid work experience. If paid: student must work 200 hrs. for each credit. If non-paid: student must work 75 hrs. for each credit (or 200 hours, if all 3 credits registered within same term)
  • *Exception - HTM Majors must still complete 600 hours, regardless if it the internship is paid or non-paid.  

Cooperative Education (Co-op):

  • Entry-level, paid work experience; provides initial exposure to the field or profession.
  • Student must work 200 hours for each credit.

In addition to working the required hours outlined above, students must write a reflective paper (click here for examples of paper topics).  Students will work with a faculty member from their College to develop an appropriate paper topic.  The paper is also graded by the faculty member.  The student must also complete a self-evaluation and receive a satisfactory performance evaluation from their employer in order to receive a passing grade. 

Internships and co-ops are graded on a Pass/Fail basis.  Students can register for 1, 2 or 3 internship/co-op credits at a time.  Undergraduates may apply up to 12 internship/co-op credits toward their degree plan.  Graduate students may apply up to 3 credits toward their degree plan. 

General eligibility requirements for ALL STUDENTS to participate in Internships/Co-ops:

  • Must be a degree-seeking student at HPU with an established HPU GPA. 
  • Undergraduates must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA for co-ops and 2.7 for internships.
  • Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA for internships.
  • The work experience must be directly related to the student’s major, and must offer a valid learning opportunity.   

Additional Requirements for International Students:

International students need to obtain work authorization from the Career Services Center in order to particpate in any paid or non-paid internship or co-op.   To be eligible for the internship/co-op program, international students must:

  • Maintain F-1 status for at least nine months or full-time enrollment for two semesters.
  • Be enrolled in a degree or certificate program.
  • Undergraduates must have completed 12 credits numbered 1000 and above (non-ELS classes only), and pass Writing 1100. Graduate students must have completed 9 credits numbered 6000 and above.
  • Have room in degree plan for the co-op/internship credit(s) to be awarded.
  • Obtain work authorization through the Career Services Center, regardless of whether the experience is paid or non-paid.
  • Passport, visa and I-20 form must all be valid and current.

For more information, click on International Student Employment Information

Steps to Obtaining an Internship or Co-op

International students (F-1 Visas):  Be sure to read Steps to Securing an Internship or Co-op (CPT) for International Students

Domestic (U.S. citizens) students:  Be sure to read Steps to Securing an Internship or Co-op for Domestic Students 


Internship/Co-op Forms 

Internship & Co-op Agreement Form – This form must be completed and signed by the internship/co-op supervisor as well as the student.  The student brings this completed form to the appointment with their Career Counselor to obtain approval and sign up for the internship/co-op credits.

Student Waiver & Release Form - This form must be signed by the student and submitted to Career Services in order to register for internship or co-op credits. 

Employer Waiver & Release Form - This form must be signed by the internship/co-op supervisor and submitted to Career Services in order to register for internship or co-op credits.

Training Plans - If the internship is a non-paid opportunity, the employer must submit a training plan in addition to the agreement form.  For paid opportunities, a detailed job description must be submitted. 

More information on Internships & Co-ops

Internship & Co-op Info Sheet - Information for Students on our Internship & Co-op program.  

Use these checklists to ensure that you have all of the required documents needed to sign up for an internship or co-op:

Internship Checklist for International Students 

Internship Checklist for Domestic Students