Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

RN to BSN Pathway

Students who have been admitted to Hawai'i Pacific University, who are currently licensed as an RN in the state of Hawai'i may be enrolled in the RN to BSN Pathway.

Upon completion of the general ed. courses below, RNs may enroll in nursing courses:

WRI    1100    Analyzing and Writing Arguments
WRI    1200    Research, Argument and Writing
MATH  1123    Statistics

NUR    2940    Health Promotion and Education
NUR    2970    Comprehensive Health Assessment
NUR    2971    Comprehensive Health Assessment Laboratory
NUR    3900    Leadership and Management in Nursing
NUR    4700    Nursing Research Proposal Development (MATH 1123 pre-requisite or co-requisite)
NUR    4950    Complex Care
NUR    4951    Complex Care Laboratory
NUR    4960    Developing a Healthy Community
NUR    4961    Developing a Healthy Community Laboratory
NUR    xxxx    Nursing Elective

See Degree Requirements for list of major courses