Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

Level One Entry Process

Please review the BSN Admission Fact Sheet for information on the entry into the BSN major.

Important Information Regarding Pre-Clinical Attire

Hawai`i Pacific University College of Nursing and Health Sciences has implemented the use of pre-clinical uniforms for nursing students in all levels of the program.

The pre-clinical uniform is comprised of a lab coat and polo shirt with an HPU logo and embroidered letters that read: Hawai`i Pacific University Nursing, and can only be purcahsed at the HPU bookstore. To complete the ensemble, black slacks, black socks, and black shoes will be worn and may be purchased independently by the student. This pre-clinical uniform will enable HPU nursing students to portray a professional look whether it be at a hospital, community setting, or other venue that students will attend. Pre-clinical uniforms must be worn on pre-clinical days and to attend clinical/hospital orientations, service learning opportunities, etc.

Updated on: September 19, 2014