College of Natural and Computational Sciences

David B. Field, Ph.D.

Professional Experience

Hawaii Pacific University; Visiting Assistant Professor Marine Sciences, 1/09-present

University of California Santa Cruz; Research Fellow, 4/06-present

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute; Postdoctoral Fellow, 11/05-1/09

National Science Foundation International; Postdoctoral Fellow, 4/06-2/08

National Research Council Postdoctoral Associate, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, La Jolla, 9/04-11/05

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S.E Lyday, L.T. Ballance, D.B. Field, K.D. Hyrenbach. Shearwaters as ecosystem indicators: Towards fishery-independent metrics of fish abundance in the California Current. Journal of  Marine Systems, doi:10.1016/j.jmarsys.2014.08.010.

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In press or review:

D. Gutiérrez, A. Sifeddine, D.B. Field, L. Ortlieb, G. Vargas, et al. Rapid reorganization in ocean biogeochemistry off Peru towards the end of the Little Ice Age. Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 3919-3943, 2008 (in online review).

D.B. Field, T.R. Baumgartner, V. Ferreira, D. Gutierrez, H. Lozano-Montes, et al. Variability in small pelagic fishes from scales in marine sediments and other historical records, Chpt. 4, In Climate Change and Small Pelagic Fish, Checkley, D.M., C. Roy, J. Alheit, and Y. Oozeki (Eds.), Cambridge University Press, in press. [Field et al in press. pdf]

B. Finney, J. Alheit, K.-C. Emeis, U. Struck, D. Gutierrez, D.B. Field, Paleoecological Studies on Variability in Marine Fish Populations: A Long-Term Perspective on the Impacts of Climatic Change on Marine Fisheries, Progress in Oceanography, in press.

D.B. Field, C. Lange, D. Cayan, F. Chavez, M. Dalton, P. Smith, Sardines and anchovies: Natural variations and fisheries in complex ocean environments, In: Using the Past to Inform the Future: The Known, Unknown, and Unknowable (KUU) Conference 2003, J.B.J. Jackson and E. Sala (Eds.), Chicago University Press, in press.

Ph.D. Dissertation:      

Field, D.B. Planktonic foraminifera in the California Current: Vertical distributions, decadal climate variability and 20th century warming, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, 177. (2004)

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Research Grant and Support Awards:

2006-2008 "Ocean Variability and Fish Population Response Beyond El Niño from Laminated Sediments of the Peruvian Margin Spanning the Last Millennium", NSF, International Postdoctoral Fellowship to David Field.

2004-2005 "Paleo-reconstruction of population dynamics of anchovy and sardine off the Peruvian/northern Chilean coast related to climate shifts during the last 200 years", Interamerican Institute for Global Change (IAI), PI: Dimitri Gutierrez

2004-2005 National Research Council Postdoctoral Associate

2001-2002 "Retrospective Monitoring of Variability in Ocean Climate and Marine Populations in the California Current.", UC Coastal Environmental Quality Initiative Research Grant, PIs: David Field and Chris Charles.

2001 UC shipfunds support; Student Cruise (box coring Santa Barbara Basin)

2001 UC shipfunds support; Student Cruise (MOCNESS plankton tows)

2000 CILAS (Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies) Tinker Award

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