Computer Science

Expected Course Offerings

General Education Courses:

To be offered every term, depending on student demand and enrollment

Course Title
CSCI 1041 Digital Literacy in a Global Society
CSCI 1061 Mobile Technologies for the 21st Century
CSCI 1534 Data Analysis and Visualization: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly
CSCI 1555 Health Information Systems
CSCI 1611 A Gentle Introduction to Computer Programming (formerly 2611)

Courses to be offered every Fall and Spring:

Course Title
CSCI 1911 Foundations of Programming
CSCI 2911 Computer Science I
CSCI 2916 Computer Science I Lab
CSCI 2912 Computer Science II

Courses to be offered every Fall semester:

Course Title
CSCI 2301 Discrete Mathematics (formerly 1301) (best taken with or just after 2912)
CSCI 2913 Data Structures
CSCI 3001 Assembly Language & Systems Programming
CSCI 3106 Programming Challenges
CSCI 3211 Systems Analysis (or MIS 3060)
CSCI 3601 Operating Systems
CSCI 3640 Computer Security and Information Assurance (elective)

Courses to be offered every Spring semester:

Course Title
CSCI 2761 HTML and Web Design
CSCI 3101 Algorithms
CSCI 3301 Database Technologies (or MIS 3065)
CSCI 3401 Data Communications
CSCI 3501 Computer Organization
CSCI 3731 C++ (programming language option)

Final sequence for students desiring to graduate in the Spring:

CSCI 3911 (FALL) followed by CSCI 4911 (SPRING Final term)

Final sequence for students desiring to graduate in the Fall:

CSCI 4911 (SPRING) followed by CSCI 3911 (FALL Final term)

Electives offered every other year

Course Title
CSCI 3651 Game Programming
CSCI 3771 Python
CSCI 3776 Ruby on Rails
CSCI 4620 Computer Systems Forensics
CSCI 4640 Advanced Topics in Cybersecurity
CSCI 4701 Introduction to the Theory of Computation
CSCI 4702 Mobile Programming
CSCI 4705 Artificial Intelligence

Individualized courses offered at student's request:

Course Title
CSCI 3990 Non-paid Internship
CSCI 3991 Paid Internship
CSCI 4997 Directed Readings in Computer Science