Computer Science

Associate of Science Degree in Computer Science

Computer Science Majors Needed

Associate of Science
Major: Computer Science

Total credits required: 60 semester credits

Hawai‘i Pacific University offers the Associate of Science degree in Computer Science to students enrolled through Military Campus Programs upon completion of 60 semester hours of required and elective subjects. The AS in Computer Science leads directly into the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program, or, alternatively, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Computer Information Systems. In addition to offering classroom-based instruction, HPU makes the AS in Computer Science degree program available entirely online through Military Campus Programs.



Students who earn the Associate of Science in Computer Science will:

Prepare professionally-styled documents for personal and group productivity.

Develop spreadsheets, data analyses, and charts.

Design and deliver technology-supported presentations.

Understand basic concepts of functions, relations, sets, and counting strategies.

Demonstrate logic and proof techniques in solving problems.

Apply problem-solving techniques for developing algorithms and computer programs.

Demonstrate appropriate use of fundamental programming constructs and data types.

Apply complex data structures, abstraction mechanisms, and object-oriented methodologies.

Understand and apply graphical user interfaces to program solutions.


Communication Skills (3 semester credits)

Both of the following

WRI 1100 Writing and Analyzing Arguments

Values and Choices (3 semester credits)

One of the following

BIOL 1300 Nutrition: Eat Smarter
ECON 1000 Naked Economics
ECON 2010 Principles of Microeconomics
ENG 2202 Best Sellers
ENG 2204 Monsters in Literature and Popular Culture
ENG 2301 World Film Studies
HIST 2111 Introduction to Greco-Roman Civilization
HUM 1000 Introduction to Humanities
PSCI 2500 World Politics
SOC 2000 Social Problems and Policy
THEA 1000 Introduction to Theater

World Cultures (3 semester credits)

One of the following

ANTH 2000 Introduction to Anthropology
COM 2300 Communication and Culture
HIST 2402 American History Since 1865
MUS 2101 Music in World Culture
REL 1000 Introduction to World Religions
REL 2001 Search for Meaning
SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology
STSS 2601 War and Civilization

Global Systems (3 semester credits)

One of the following

BIOL 1000 Introduction to Biology
CHEM 1000 Introductory Chemistry
GEOL 1000 Introduction to Geology
GEOG 1000 Introduction to Physical Geography
MARS 1000 Introductory Oceanography
PHYS 1000 Introduction to the Physical Sciences

Research and Epistemology (3 semester credits)

WRI 1200 Research, Writing and Argument


CSCI 1011 Introduction to Computer Information Systems or CSCI 1041 Digital Literacy in a Global Society
CSCI 1301 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
CSCI 1911 Foundations of Programming
CSCI 2911 Computer Science I
CSCI 2912 Computer Science II
CSCI 2916 Computer Science I Lab
MATH 1130 Pre-Calculus I

Plus two CSCI or MATH electives (except MATH 1101 or MATH 1105)


PRE-REQUISITE COURSES (up to 9 credits)

MATH 1101 Fundamentals of College Mathematics (pre-requisite for MATH 1105)
MATH 1105 Intermediate Algebra (pre-requisite for MATH 1130)
WRI 1050 English Fundamentals (pre-requisite for WRI 1100)


These courses are required only for students whose placement exams indicate the need for the courses. Some students may be able to go directly into WRI 1100 or a higher Math course. Students who place out of these courses will have unrestricted electives instead.



Students will take enough credits in unrestricted electives to bring the total for the degree to 60 semester credits. *This could reach 23 credits only if the student needs none of the pre-requisite courses and places out of CSCI 1911.

Residency requirement: Students must complete at least 15 semester credits in residence with Hawaii Pacific University; at least six (6) credits must be from the degree’s list of required courses. Non-traditional transfer credits (military and credit by examination) may not exceed 36 hours.

Students who wish to major in multiple Associate degrees must complete at least five (5) additional, unique HPU courses per degree.