Bachelor of Social Work: Practicum Experience

Hawaii Pacific University’s Bachelor of Social Work practicum provides the student with the tools for integrating cognitive and experiential learning from a generalist social work perspective. The required four hundred fifty (450) hours of fieldwork supervised from the social work perspective in selected social service agency settings affords the student opportunities to “learn by doing.”

The partnership between the school and the practicum site agencies prepares the students for entry into the generalist practice of social work. Assessment, and intervention with client systems is introduced and experienced through gradual exposure to direct practice. This experience involves ethical, intentional, and reflective exploration of service delivery with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

It is planned that the students graduating from the Bachelor’s of Social Work Program will have developed the personal and professional competence necessary to incorporate, in their generalist social work practice, requisite emphasis on values, special populations, human behavior in the social environment, social welfare policy and services, and research.

 Social Work Student Agreements and Responsibilities

  • Provide for experience in the generalist perspective.
  • Value and increase professional self-evaluation in students.
  • Value and increase the use of professional supervision by students.
  • Increase ability to integrate theory and practice by students.
  • Provide experience that will generate an appreciation for the working realities of practice.